Merfle. I feel as though my brain is going to explode from all the exams I'm taking.
Peace to the world, the sun still shines bright!

I've realized I need motivation to do my best in school. For example, I'm supposed to be editing an outline for this speech I am presenting tomorrow, but I'm now. Unfortunately, I've spent the last hour browsing lolita dresses on EGL community and other various websites.
Deadlines really bother me 3= I'm the kind of person who doesn't like specific deadlines, I like taking my time to get the job done and perfect ^_^
Anyways, I've barely survived this week.
This week's schedule:

Last Monday: Ohhmeegee!MLK jr. day! Did not go to school, went to weekly TTRPG game [will explain in detail later]Was sooo much fun though! I almost got owned by an incubus. I don't like being a tank...
Tuesday: EEEEEP. History exam, it was okay. I started falling asleep during the last 30 minutes.... then watched Obama's inauguration, YAY! His speech was straightforward and SO inspiring!
Wednesday: Chorus and science exam. x.x did not go to bed until 2am. Could not sleep after thinking about Hannibal Lector and the movies...
Thursday: Almost died. I think I failed my french exam, and geometry! Yes I studied, but subjects on the french exam COMPLETELY caught me off guard. I had many "Oh f-ck..."moments.
Friday: Speech.... looking forward to it!
Saturday: Working.... TT_TT
Sunday: YAY. unplanned!!!! >.>

Okay, going on tangent, but I thought I lost my ATM card and wallet the other day and my father shut down my card T.T Just found it, my student teacher held on to it [YAY for having 3 different IDS in my wallet...] but now I have to wait 7-11 days for my card and pin. Grrr!
Now I am waiting to cash my munnies for desired lolita clothing. Yup yup.
I'm so absent-minded. One of my biggest flaws x_x it's what I get for being an aquarius.
Anyways, au revoir for now! Another entry soon!



My first post! Yay! I would have to say this would be my introduction post, but I'm slacking right now :3
I've come home early, just not feeling great x_x

So It's 1/13/09.
I just made this account today, w00t.
My name is Jewels[my other nickname is Dreamsprite, but someone has taken that nickname ¬_¬] well not exactly, more like a nickname!
I really like the EGL fashion!
Unfortunately, I don't have enough munnies [right now] to afford most of the Btssb [Baby the stars shine bright] or Angelic Pretty, or Metamorphose temps de filles dresses.
Gotta work more, more more! ><
Is munny power? Or is power munny?
huh. So many questions, not enough answers...

Anyways =] I'm a bit of a out-of-this-world-person, but I promise, I don't bite!
Let's get to know each other!